Extended Diagnostic Laboratory Activity Permission

We have received an extended Diagnostic Laboratory Activity Permission from SÚKL
The State Drug Control Office (SÚKL) has issued to our genetic laboratory an extended Diagnostic Laboratory Activity Permission, that includes currently by law required laboratory examinations of donors of reproductive cells. A copy of the License is available for viewing / downloading in section Accreditation, subsection SÚKL Certification.

Calendar for 2019

We have started with the distribution of calendars for 2019. If you consistently co-operate with our laboratory and have not received your calendar yet, please send us your mailing address per e-mail to: You can view a slide show presentation of the calendar by clicking on the image below.
Calendar for 2019

Form updates: Request, Price list

With effect from April 1, 2018 we updated the forms: Request for testing (BF33) and Price list of examinations (BF129). Both current forms are available in the section Downloads.

Note: If you have printed the earlier versions of the Request for testing, you can continue to use it and send it together with samples and Informed consent (BF70) to our lab.

Calendar for 2018

Like every year, also this year we have prepared for our cooperating subjects a calendar for next year. We hope you will enjoy it 🙂 The calendar preview in PDF you can see here. .

Laboratory Re-accreditation (NGS)

We have successfully defended compliance with all of the accreditation criteria required by the ISO norm No. 15189, and we have received a new Certificate of Accreditation, in which we have accredited all performed methods, including NGS and MicroArray. The valid Certificate of Accreditation, including Annex 1, is available for download in the section Accreditation.

New examinations: Celiac disease, Bechterew’s disease

Based on repeated requests from our collaborating physicians, we newly carry out examination of a genetically conditioned autoimmune disease, that expresses itself by a damage to the small intestine mucosa due to intolerance of gluten (contained in grain) – celiac disease (celiac sprue, gluten enteropathy) and also examination of the chronic inflammatory disease of the spine resulting in reduced momentum – ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterew’s disease). We routinely carry out both of the examinations and we have them accredited. Details to each examination you can find in the section Laboratory.

New website

Since March, we launched a new website of GENvia, s.r.o. We would be glad if you will find here the requested information and documents. We will welcome your comments and recommendations to the new website on the e-mail:

Thank you.