Genetic Laboratory


Our genetic laboratory offers genetic consulting services together with a wide range of cytogenetic and molecular genetic testing. The quality of the provided tests and the fulfilment of strict criteria according to international standards is guaranteed by the Certificate of Accreditation and the inclusion of the laboratory into the National Registry of Accredited Subjects, which is managed by the Czech Institute for Accreditation (ČIA). For many tests, GENvia, s.r.o. is the only accredited laboratory in Prague. The Accreditation guarantees the highest quality of testing and is valid throughout the entire European Union.

Location of the laboratory

Genetic laboratory GENvia, s.r.o. is situated in Praha – Kyje (Prague part Kyje) on the address: Sýkovecká 276/54, 198 00 Praha 9 (see map). Contacts and accessibility of the laboratory including the map in a *.pdf file you can download and then print


Head of the laboratory: Ing. Renáta Chládová Deputy head of the laboratory: RNDr. Miroslava Krkavcová

phone: 266 315 592
mobile phone: 773 669 442